Almost Shameless

14. Cam Newton out-Brady-ed Tom Brady, pro sports leagues REALLY want you to know they’re losing money

November 11, 2020

Before all the ranting, Tanya takes some time to reflect on and remember the lives and impact of Alex Trebek and Tommy Heinsohn, the media grandfathers that many of us shared and lost this week (01:22). Then it's back to sports, with an optimistic take on a wild Patriots win over the winless Jets and Cam Newton's success in the wake of Tom Brady's failure (8:04). Then, league commissioners and team owners can't stop reminding an economically suffering general public that COVID-19 is very inconvenient for their bottom line (19:15). And finally, a classic rant about the kind of person on Twitter that every media person hates but is too afraid to say it (22:00).

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